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Omaha caulking and sealing professionals. Repair, retain, and improve your beautiful driveway concrete surfaces and prevent them from eating at your wallet. We delight in delivering top-notch products and stellar customer care to Omaha’s wonderful homeowners and neighboring regions for all caulking and sealing needs.

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Your walkways, patios, driveway, and sidewalks are one of the most eye-catching areas of your property.

Unfortunately they start to lose their beauty and structural integrity when they are not taken care in a matter the 1st year of being poured!

We expertly apply our industry grade caulking and sealing products you get a reliable, affordable, and non invasive service to repair/maintain the  longevity of your concrete’s structural and aesthetic health.

Caulking & sealing is our specialty, and we take pride in our craftsmanship and professionalism. We are savants in the latest industry techniques, ensuring your caulking and sealing needs are met with utmost precision. We exclusively employ top-tier caulking and penetrative sealers; crafted to brave the unpredictable weather of the Midwest, dedicated to safeguarding your property and ensuring all your concrete stands the test of time with our caulking and sealing services.

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Concrete Replacement/Repair Drive

More time exposed, more damage to your home and wallet. Stop it, seal it, caulk it.

Picture this: your driveway, patio, pool deck, walkways, and sidewalk – the unsung heroes of your home’s exterior. But lurking unseen above and beneath their surface lies their enemies: water, salts, oils, cracks, voids, and unwanted plant life. Waiting to damage your beautiful concrete.

Time in combination with Omaha’s freeze and thaw cycles makes your concrete lose it’s integrity in both looks and structure. Our caulking and sealant services are here to fix and prevent.


Start small, but get bigger fast. Water in combination with a fast freeze and thaw cycles lead to damage in just a year. Causing to garage floor damage, foundation damage, and uneven pads.

One split in caulking compromises the whole integrity of a concrete joint.



Spalling & Pitting

Salt, water, and UV rays start decaying your concrete. Creating a hideous uneven surface that is a notorious hazard for rolling ankles and increasing chances of slipping. Can cause pads to starting splitting from the middle.

Sealing done incorrectly with materials can make your driveway slick and not add the hydrophobic properties.


Washes out soil and sub material underneath and around your driveway and other concrete surfaces. In a couple years causing foundation damage.  When it comes to replace concrete, it would be in the tens of thousands.


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When your concrete needs replacement

Costs of total concrete replacement

Average concrete replacement cost in the midwest is between $13-$18 per square foot FOR ONLY MATERIAL.

Concrete material cost increased 13% in the past 3 years, a 3.25% yearly material cost increase.

The fastest concrete curing time 3-5 days, losing access to your garage while damaging your yard.


Greater Omaha residential and commercial concrete repair and maintenance services

You want your concrete caulking and sealing to be expertly applied with industry grade caulking and sealing products to get a reliable, affordable, and non invasive service to increase the longevity of your concrete’s structural and aesthetic health.

This is possible when you choose form our services.



We’re putting up a barrier against water infiltration for your driveway and concrete surfaces by sealing those expansion joints and fractures . No more washing away the foundation or causing cracks and sinkholes – we’re sealing it, so you don’t need to deal with it.


Penetrating Sealing

Penetrating sealer acts as a shield for your driveway and concrete services, protecting your concrete from corrosive elements such as oil, water, salt, and other household chemicals. Works best with caulking.


Rust Removal

Rust stains from metal get deep down into the pores of the concrete and various materials. We use special compounds that a power-washer is not able to clean on its own.


Power Washing

Your driveway and concrete surfaces might need a little more love, but not a whole face lift. Offered with our concrete sealer and caulking services.

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The main reason to choose us

We utilize contractor-grade caulking and sealing materials that are renowned for their resilience, reliability, and effectiveness. We meet our materials capabilities with our own expertise when applying. For when the job is done, always know there is person that is there to help should the materials fail. Caulking and sealing done right.


Seal The Deal Concrete BBB Business Review

Most reputable caulking contractor

Meet Sam and Todd, the dynamic duo behind Seal The Deal Concrete, a company born from their shared passion for concrete maintenance work and dedication to delivering quality craftsmanship.

Sam brings a wealth of knowledge to the table with his keen eye for detail and years of experience caulking and sealing in Omaha.

Todd is behind the operations. With a background in project management and a love for problem-solving, Todd thrives on the challenges of the job.

Sam and Todd make the perfect team, complementing each other’s strengths and working tirelessly to build a company that prides itself on quality workmanship and exceptional service. With their combined expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence, Seal The Deal Concrete is the go-to choice for all concrete maintenance needs in the area.

Todd Ramirez & Samuel Doty


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With our years of service and the jobs we have completed for homeowners, hear what they have to say about our services with caulking, sealing, and concrete maintenance.

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